About the project

The Coronavirus Observer website was launched on 14th March 2020. The goal of it is to expose fair data of the situation in the World, and present it in the form that reduces panic.

The site contains information aggregated on the following levels:

— World
— Continents
— Country

For the USA and China, data are additionally divided per states and provincies.

Data is updated daily at around 8 a.m. Central European Time.

The numbers presented here are provided only for exploratory and research purposes. The accuracy is based on the source data. Note that different countries use different methods for counting the number of COVID-19 cases.


Based on data collected by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering.

This website presents the very same data as the JHU’s original dashboard but from a less-panic perspective. Updated daily around 8 a.m. Central European time.

Read the Technology blog. Look at the source code: GitHub. Powered by Raku.

Created by Andrew Shitov. Twitter: @andrewshitov. Contact by e-mail.